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Did you noticed your Android phone never reach 100% of your battery ?. Doubts with your battery status like your phone battery not showing correct status. Calibrate Battery Pro will help you there. Generally android system have battery status to track all the battery activity and  capacity. Sometimes this battery status will get corrupt and  shows wrong  status. This battery status or data will not be real it will give data by the battery status file. In condition battery status file will get corrupt when the phone battery become ‘0%’. Battery calibration pro is a great relief in this kind of needs. Battery calibration is a application to inspect the potential  aspects of your battery. This app can calibrates with a single click. It is very user friendly therefore easy to understand and use. Since it displays most of the hidden information of your battery .

After completing the battery calibration will remove the old battery status and will place the new file. This will results correct battery status. The calibration can done by directly deleting the file from the  system. We recommend to use   battery calibration pro more than twice in a week. Because it is better for your battery and it only take 3 minutes to process.

Application nameBattery Calibration pro
Release date16,November,2016
App typePro
DeveloperDlton Brothers Apps
App Size1.9MB


You should load up to 100% of your charge capacity then follow below steps.


How to Use Android Battery Calibration Pro

  • Download Battery Calibration Pro from below link ( Download )
  • Install application and give permission to all requests
  • Connect your device to the charger
  • Charge up to 100% of your battery capacity
  • Click on the calibrate button
  • Unplug your device from the charger
  • Use your battery up to 1% and charge it again to 100%

Features of Battery calibration Pro

  • Fast calibration system
  • Indicators for power icons
  • Icons for Wi-fi, Volume, Brightness, Bluetooth
  •  Better User interface
  • Good guide to do calibation

List of Screen shots

screenshot-1 screenshot-2 screenshot-3

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