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Everyone’s phone contain their personal data. What if you loose our phone? Somebody else got it an is able to retrieve your data?

You can install Crookcatcher application on your smartphone or tablet, definitely you will get it back soon. The app crookcatcher plays under your lockscreen. If anyone who types wrong password, our app takes a picture of that unknown person with its front camera. You can also set the number of wrong attempts before the application takes the photo. Soon you receive an email consisting thief picture and your smartphones current locations. This email also contains the number of wrong attempts.

ApplicationCrookcatcher Pro
DeveloperJakob S. Harteg
App Size3.02MB
Release Date25-May-2018


  • Secret camera catches the photo of the unknown person who tried to open your phone with the wrong code
  • Application camera allows you to track your device‚Äôs location. As it sends an email with photo of the crook and the location.
  • Secret camera users have password ,pin code and pattern lock
  • Hide notification that on the lock screen
  • No extra battery loss. The application starts up only when wrong pin or pattern is entered

Identify SIM card change email with sim and career information,subscriber id,operator name,and serial number of the sim. This will be helpful for you to find your phone. Identify the break-in -when an unknown is caught by Crookcatcher but then manages to unlock the phone and the Crookcatcher takes another photo. When your phone is offline this app takes the photo and send it automatically when it comes back online.


  • Camera
  • Contacts
  • Location
  • Telephone
  • Storage
  • Network Access


Download Crookcatcher latest apk version from the below link

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