Viper4Android + Dolby Atoms Best Ever Audio Mod for Pie Roms 4.8/5 (5)

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Everyone loves music How its feel when some Audio Mods will give you  best ever audio experience? Get ready to experience. In every stock android will include  inbuilt music player and that will not have much audio mods. In this post i have explaining about how to install both Dolby atoms and Viper 4 android . Dolby Atoms is a surround sound system technology and  launched by Dolby Laboratories in April 2012. Even though its released in 2012 , Still  it make prominent impact in users to get better surrounding experience. They are initially included in Disney and Pixar’s animated films,  Later Dolby Atom came into picture and make  history. The main advantage of Dolby atoms is that sound will move around in 3 dimension. Later they  introduced Dolby Atoms for Headphones and Smartphone versions.

Viper 4 Android is an Audio equalizer for android to get more audio experience. The settings provides a lot of profiles and you can change whatever you want. To install both Viper and Dolby you  needs root access . Its difficult to install both applications in android custom and stock ROMs. So  this  blog guides you to easily install both audio mods in single device without any crash. Only a rooted device and Twrp recovery is needed for installation. If you do not  root your phone properly , Then the  Mods will not respond . Either you can set both Dolby Atoms and Viper4A or you can set one of them. After flashing the files two application will be installed, One is for Dolby and one is for Viper.


  • Required files (Download)
  • Droid Hardware Info ( Download – To check Arm Version if you are sure about your phone ARM structure you can skip this step )

Before you Flash!

  • Your android is running on Pie (9.0) to check go to Setting -> About Phone and find your Android version.
  • Check your architecture structure make sure you are running on ARM64. For that open Droid Hardware Info and check your Phone Architecture structure.
  • Custom recovery installed ( TWRP recovery preferred )
  • Take  Nandroid Backup
  • Your device must be rooted to check your root access install any root checker to check

How to flash or install Viper4Android and Dolby Atoms

  • Download above files and place it to your directory
  • Reboot to Custom Recovery
  • First install Clear Sound Mod ( For clearing all other mods )
  • Then install Twrp Arise Sound Dolby Atoms
  • Don’t need to wipe data
  • Reboot your device

It will take some time to reboot its normal don’t be scared about that. If you have any doubts feel free to comment down.



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  • Problems with Magisk?
    Have the zip file flashed on leeco lemax2. V4A works perfect. But Dolby Digital works only with disabled Magisk. When I activate Dolby on Magisk Unhide, it does not work. What can i do?

    • Hi Loddekun, You better try Magisk oru root file installed correctly or not.. Beacuse Dolby Atom will only work along with root access..

  • I found the problem. The installation was fine. The reason why Dolby did not start correctly was when you install the Arise package, of course, the Viper Magisk module needs to be disabled. After I deactivated this also the complete Arise package works. Thanks for your help.

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