how to make zooming transition videos using kine master pro

How to Make Smooth Zooming Transition Videos Using Kine Master Pro 5/5 (2)

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Have you every seen some Aesthetic videos. If yes most of the videos will be using the transition effects such as zooming acceleration and much more. If you ever wanted to create such videos then this article will be specially for you. Most of the aesthetic videos will be having some short videos and to make them more attractive and ready to impress someone they will use zooming transition effects. So that similar kind of videos make us feels more continuous and comfortable experience. Generally people will make the videos using the professional tools like Adobe After effects and Adobe premier Pro. But in that case it will be hard to learn and if the initial stage learning it will take some time to finish.

Kine Master Pro is an android application and its a video editing tool for mobile users. So that it includes almost all the tools for editing purposes. If you are good enough to explore the list of tools in Kine Master application you can grab much number of skills from the application. Generally for Aesthetics videos and the videos which we need to include zooming acceleration effects we will use one transition called “acceleration”. But to use the same effects we need to purchase Kine masterĀ  pro. In this article i included the pre-purchased Kine Master pro so that you can use the application for free.


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How to Make Smooth Zooming transition using Kine Master Pro

  1. Download Kine Master Pro from the below link.
  2. If you are already installed any kine master app uninstall it and install the new file.
  3. Open the Application and create a new project.
  4. Import the video files which you want.
  5. Now comes the important part. Download the transition plugin from Layer->Effects->Get More from Store.

Screenshot_1Screenshot_26. From store download Spin Blur, Channel Twist and Acceleration.



7. Apply use the same transition in between the short videos.

Why are you waiting for? Just download the Kine Master pro and start exploring the applications.




Here you can download the Kine master pro apk for free and use all the premium features without any limitation. Down are the some download links and download it now.

Download Kine Master Pro


Kine Master pro is an android video editing application and which has large collections of various tools like zooming transition and much more. Using Kine master pro can create beautiful aesthetics videos and post into the social medias to get popular. Even though professional uses Adobe after effects for these effects but Kine Master pro also a good try for making smooth transitions. Give a try and post comments below your experiences.


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