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Can you control you’re kids phone? Are able to monitor what your child is doing in his or her phone? What if you call your child for dinner and they are busy on Whatsapp?

Well, no need to worry about that. You can use Google Family Link. Google have introduced two new applications. One of the application is to install in parents phone and other is to install in your child’s phone. Pairing the two apps gives the parent to have full access to their child phone. Main motive behind this application is  to keep track of the things your child doing on his or her phone. Even for parents it is hard to decide which all application are needed for your child. Google family link  gives you application that is useful for your child. For instance  applications related to their studies or games that develop their various abilities. It is possible to  install directly all these applications in your child’s device by yourself.

Another important use is you can decide the time your child using their phone . Besides it is possible to lock their device with your device whenever it is necessary. You can track  If you feel like your child is using a lot of Facebook or Whatsapp you could give privilege to use certain application for a specific period of time.Even if you child is so intelligent and try to uninstall the application it asks for a pin which can be provided only by the parent app. Now you can monitor your child phone usage and guide them to a better future. Download the app from the bellow link.

Application nameGoogle Family Link
App sizeVaries with device
App versionVaries with device
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Release dateNovember 12, 2018

Features of Google Family Link

  • View child activity
  • Control usage of apps
  • Set limits
  • Lock application

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