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Now days network security protection gradually increasing. Even though we can’t say network is 100% protected. Every network will have st least some amount of loopholes. Some Cyber attack like dictionary attacks or Brute force attack can’t prevent in network. But we can able to set some restriction on the networks. WPA WPS Tester is an android application which will test all the network security vulnerability in WPS routers. Wps isĀ  a standard wifi security protection setup. Every time when user try to connect to the wifi modem will sent combination of key and password if it correct then the networks will establish.

Every network having different key structure. Wps standard will only works in wireless networks and which uses password that is encrypted with Wpa security system. Ever wanted to check your own wifi strength? Ever wanted to hack some other WI-FI modems ? Then this article is for you people.

Wpa Wps Tester will only works perfectly in rooted android devices. Even though it support not rooted devices also. This application will try to connect with each different keys and push the device to automatically connect to the devices. Every successful connection will store the password in a different section. Auto scan feature will be performing the automatic network scan on the selected networks. It have the option sort the networks by their strength. Wps Wpa Tester will show you the compatibility and all the methods to try in the network. You can easily try either root method or not rooted method with in the device.

ApplicationWpa Wps Tester
App Size6.69 MB
DeveloperSangiorgi Srl
Release DateApril 19, 2021


  • UX and UI improvement
  • Connection speed
  • No ads
  • Speed scn option
  • Connect with automatic pins
  • Belkin and ARCADYAN Algorithm
  • Bruteforce
  • Custom Pin
  • Manual Pin
  • Root and Non Root support
  • Show vulnerability detection
  • Old method, New Method algorithm
  • Saved passed section
  • Auto scan
  • Manual MAC scan
  • WPS filter
  • Sort network by singnel strength


Download latest Wp Wps Tester from below link

How to Hack Wifi using Android Device

  • Download Latest Wps Wpa Tester from above link
  • Install it on your device and open
  • Agree all the terms and conditions
  • Turn on your device WI-FI
  • Turn on your device Location
  • Scan the network by clicking on the refresh icon
  • Select a Wps enabled Wifi
  • Choose Auto pin and wait for some time
  • After process password will show you and you can able to connect to the network

Permission List

  • Location

List of Screenshots

screen-shot-4 screen-shot-3 screen0shot-2 screnshot1


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