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Google pay is an android application which will provides you a stylized payment platform to all the users. This app can able to send or receive money directly to the user bank without going into the app wallet. Its a good practise that user will not lose the time to change  money to the bank. The app will also gives payment rewards to the customer who sent the payment above 150INR. As of January 8,2018 the application changed the name to Google pay later its named as Tez. The main advantage of the app is to give easy transaction of  money without entering the account number and all the other stuffs. User only wants to enter the mobile number or UPI reference id to send/receive the money. Now days google not supporting rooted devices for the security in terms. After following the below steps you can use Google pay on rooted device.

The general problem while registering google pay will gave you a error message like you are not allowed to use Google pay if your device is rooted.

How to use Google pay on Rooted device

  1. Download and install Magisk application and flash firmware ( Here )
  2. Download Google pay and install ( Here )
  3. Open Magisk app and select Magisk Hide and check Google pay.
  4. Go to settings then tap on Apps & Notification 
  5. Find Google pay and Force stop the application
  6. Find Google play services and tap on permission
  7. Uncheck following permissions  Call logs, Contacts, SMS, Telephone


After completing the above steps then you can start using Google pay.




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