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Disappointed about last IRCTC Tatkal bookings? Don’t worry using IRCTC Tatkal Magic script you can book tatkal tickets easily without any technical error such as payment gateway issues and delaying in entering the basic information. IRCTC Tatkal Magic Tool is a web application tool that you can provide your basic information and payment details to the application, out of it application will create a bookmark for you. So that when ever if you are booking in Tatkal platform instead of entering all your basic information you can just click on the generated bookmark and it will auto fill all the required fields for you.

Generally filling basic information and paying through payment gateway are the most time consuming think while booking the tickets. Using the Script you can able to overcome those limitations and you can enhance chance of getting the Tatkal tickets. Before to general tatkal time you have to make sure that you have entered all the basic information and generated the bookmark into the browser.

What is IRCTC Tatkal Magic Autofill tool?

Irctc Tatkal Magic Autofill is a tool or web service to automate IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking. As we all knows the pain behind a waiting list and RAC Ticket. The main reason behind is, The form fill-up time required at irctc website. So why don’t fill the form before we actually go into the tatkal ticket battle. It will increase your chances of having a confirmed railway ticket.

 How to make the Autofill bookmark for IRCTC Tatkal booking

  1. Visit the IRCTC Tatkal Magic Tool from ( here )
  2. Click on Open Reservation form.
    step-1 image
  3. After clicking the above button it will redirect you to the form where you have to provide all the basic details regarding your bookings.
    (Note: You can provide the username and password they are not linked the fields into their database)
  4.  After entering all the basic information click on submit form from below of the form.
  5. When you are clicking the submit button soon after you will be redirect to the below page and drag the “Drop me in Bookmark Bar” to the browser bookmark bar.
    step-2 image
  6. After dropping to bookmark bar you could see that one new bookmark has been created on the bookmark page.
    step-3 image
  7. Finally your script has been created now you can able to book the tickets through the created bookmark script by just clicking on the bookmark that you just created.

What is Tatkal Ticket?

The Tatkal scheme is the Indian railway scheme for the journey at very short notice. It is applied to all classes i.e. Sleeper, AC, and almost all mail or Express trains. Tatkal scheme opens every day at 10 am for the next day train booking. The numbers of seats are depending upon the train. However, a considerable amount of seats is reserved under Tatkal category.

For AC class, Tatkal ticket booking time is 10 am and for sleeper it is 11 am. Numbers of people coming from IT background or working professionals are dependent upon the Tatkal scheme for their travel. The conditions are more worsen during the festive seasons and most of the people are left as without ticket.


Irctc magic auto fill is an internet service which let you to fill up your data in the bookmarks and might use them whereas booking your ticket in irctc login web site It will save your time by unnecessary time waste of filling the info every time you wish to ebook the ticket. IRCTC is ineffective web site for reserving tatkal ticket, the all new guidelines are serving to local agent to take comfortably ticket on railway booking counter. Go to the web sites above at 10am the day before the practice leaves and choose the Tatkal choice if it appears.



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